Why Consider Call Recording?

Why Consider Call Recording?

When a new business commences there are a great many things to be done and it is therefore likely that Call Recording might not sit highly among those considerations.

Call recording is all to do with making your business more efficient. The knowledge that calls are being recorded drives compliance with procedures and business disciplines as well as complying with regulatory demands. Call recording should be regarded as a performance quality assurance tool.

Do I need call recording?  The answer should be Yes. None of us is a perfect listener and, even if we were, we sometimes forget. But can we equally be sure that the other party has perfectly understood the call as intended? We also work in a changing situation and have to adapt our responses to events. Recollection of a call may therefore change over time.  Call recording will capture everything that is said in a discussion and can be replayed to give comfort that it is understood. The use of supporting analytics (where applicable) will also help business management.

What is compliant call recording?  This is the recording of messages in a form that is acceptable as evidence for legal purposes e.g. in a court of lawIn certain sectors, e.g. financial services, compliant call recording is regulatory. While many sellers will claim that they offer compliant call recording, upon closer inspection these may fail the necessary tests. Customers can be assured that Retell Direct provides products that meet these tests.

Do I need compliant call recording?  That decision will be down to each user. One of the ways of viewing the need is to consider what can go wrong. Having compliant recording is a comfort and security that the system meets any regulatory requirement and can be used in evidence should the user have a future legal dispute.   

Is Call recording expensive? Most of our products are inexpensive to buy and cost little to run.  The resolution of just one dispute can recoup that cost.   

The benefit of Call Recording should be measured in years and not as a single payment. For example, Retell’s Sense Lite product can store up to 60,000 hours of calls for future retrieval.

Do I need to be Tech-savvy? The products on our site are for those who work from home. They are mainly “Plug and play” and can be set up from the installation guide accompanying a product or supported by tuition guides on our web site. We can also provide further advice if needed on our helpline. 

Are my recordings safe and secure? They will be under your control and will be accessible to you or, in the case of Multi-user products, someone to whom you have given Access Authority. That may be as simple as a Password.