Analogue telephone socket recording connector (for recording to a computer or professional audio recorders) (142W)

Analogue telephone socket recording connector (for recording to a computer or professional audio recorders) (142W)

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The Retell 142W connector is a small device which allows a computer soundcard or professional recording equipment to be connected to be connected to an analogue telephone wall socket (ie from cordless telephones). Will also record any extension connected to the same telephone line. Once connected the Retell 142W will let you record calls to your device.

Key Features

  • Simple connection via telephone analogue wall socket & sound card port
  • Will record from all extensions, whichever socket it is plugged into.
  • Records calls (with suitable software) onto any computer through the sound card. Can also be used with audio recorders.
  • Playbacks calls (with suitable software) from any computer through the soundcard. Can also play back calls from an audio recorder.
  • Especially designed to isolate the earth of the phone system from the earth of the computer. Meets the safety requirements of EN60950 of the R&TTE directive. Contains an electronic barrier to protect the user from any dangerous voltages on the telephone network.
  • Convenient cable lengths. The cable that plugs into the handset socket on the phone is 20cm long, making it suitable for all telephones, wherever the socket is. The computer can be up to 2m away from the box
  • Will not record faxes or Internet calls

How To Use

To fit the Retell 142W connector between the telephone and recording device is very easy. It comprises of two connectors - the 157 and 142.
Step 1) Unplug the telephone's line cable from its BT socket, plug the double adaptor supplied with the Retell 142 connector in, plug the Retell 142 connector into the smaller socket and plug the telephone line cable into the larger socket.
Step 2) Locate the long cable from the 142 adaptor (it has a small clear plug). Plug this into the side of the 157 connector.  At the other end of the Retell 157 is a 3.5mm jack plug to connect to the microphone input socket on either your computer soundcard or professional audio recorder. The short cable (fitted with a clear plug) on the 157 is not used

For suitable Windows based recording software see Retell TLS range

For further help please refer to the video below