Standalone Sense Essentials Bundle - Call Recording For 2 to 8 ISDN2 Channels
Standalone Sense Essentials Bundle - Call Recording For 2 to 8 ISDN2 Channels
Standalone Sense Essentials Bundle - Call Recording For 2 to 8 ISDN2 Channels

Standalone Sense Essentials Bundle - Call Recording For 2 to 8 ISDN2 Channels

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Sense Essentials is your first step into call recording.
It is plug & play with minimal set up. Start recording calls within minutes. Sense Essentials captures inbound and outbound calls, keeping your communications compliant with GDPR,MIFIDII & PCI DSS regulations.

This is our entry level product that will introduce your business to Sense and, we trust, will help you to grow your business with the Sense Range. The product, using Sense Essentials, provides you with the ability to record upto 8 channels of ISDN2 (four circuits) in and out of your organisation. You can search for calls by dialled number, caller’s number, date and time length and any notes that you have added to the call (some of the fields can be customised in line with your need). All calls stored by the system are encrypted, cannot be tampered with, and are compliant with GDPR regulations. We believe that this product will likely provide your business with the most cost-effective solution in terms of storing your calls in a compliant way. 

Other features can also be added, such as PCI Credit Card compliance, which will enable your business to take credit payments in a compliant manner.

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Key Features

  • Live Call Analytics which allow you to view and react to real time data from
    all calls coming in and out of your business. It’s the perfect tool to get both a snapshot view of current communication activity and be able to quickly react to any situation.
  • Optional PCI Credit Card Compliance to prevent fraud and theft, the PCI Security Standards Council states that a company taking credit card numbers must comply with data storage rules For customers who require PCI compliance please get in touch.
  • Secure Encrypted Recordings - the protection of data is mission critical for every business. Our Sense range has been built to the highest security standards, not only making it compliant with regulation, but goes much further to protect
    your data. End to end protection of your calls comes as standard with Sense, whatever the size of your business.

Summary of Features

  • Can record upto 8 channels (four circuits) of ISDN2
  • High quality automatic stereo recording for up to thousands of calls
  • Records ISDN2 calls via trunk lines, compatible with all telephone systems
  • Compressed and encrypted recordings
  • High quality stereo recording and playback
  • Easy to read user client user interface for quick search capability
  • Stand alone or playback from any Windows PC on the LAN
  • Search by Caller ID (where presented) and individual DDI
  • Search by dialled number, date, time, duration, channel and notes
  • Live Channel wallboard feature
  • Playback of Live calls
  • English and German languages
  • User management
  • Recording rules based on call direction
  • 85,000 hours of recording capacity
  • Please note that this system has a fixed capacity of upto 8 ISDN2 channels. Call us if this does not fit your requirements 

What's Included?

  • Sense PC
  • Sense ISDN 2 Call Recording Box
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • USB drive with client software
  • 5 x RJ45 network cables, 4 x ISDN2 line splitters, 2 x Power supplies (Sense PC & Call Recording Box)
  • You will need to have a suitable computer monitor available for initial setup of Sense PC. Please select from the options above if you would like us to supply