Analogue telephone with built in Call Recording - Featurephone 175

Standalone Telephone with Integrated Call Recording (Featurephone 175)

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Retell's Feturephone 175 offers an analogue telephone with integrated call recording.

Key Features

  • Integrated call recorder and telephone for analogue lines and extensions
  • Stores recordings onto internal flash drive 
  • Integrated SD-card for automatic or manually back up of call recordings
  • Automatic or manual recording
  • Captures date/time/duration/local and remote numbers (when connected to an Analogue line and CLI is presented)
  • Quick search on call recordings
  • Voice announcement prior to call recording
  • Optional 'beep' during call recording
  • Answer machine functionality
  • Internal telephone directory of 500 names and numbers
  • Hands free function - optional headset
  • Direct access to recorded calls and playback via internal speaker, handset or headset
  • Can also be used for dictation and meetings
  • Recordings stored on the SD card can be attached to emails
  • Includes SD access PC software
  • Connectivity to other audio sources (microphone)
  • Protection of recordings via password or optional CryptoCard


  • Handset connection requires the telephone handset curly cable to be unpluggable
  • Telephone line connection to Analogue lines only. 
  • Capturing of local and remote numbers is only available when connected to an Analogue line where CLI is presented
  • Built in SD card with capacity of 170hrs per SD card
  • Built in speaker

Optional Extras

  • Headset
  • Footswitch
  • Microphone
  • CryptoCard set for extra encryption